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Phone Payments

Terms and conditions for customers paying for Tōtara Health services over the phone using Visa or Debit cards.

Totara Health provides a wide range of health care services.

If you've paid for a service but did not receive one

If you pay for a Tōtara Health health service over the phone in advance but not receive the service, you need to advise us as soon as possible. Once Tōtara Health has confirmed you did not receive a service, we will refund the amount you paid in full, on the day you advised us.  

Payment Information

Any card payment information you provide over the phone for a Tōtara Health service, will not be written down by us or stored in our system. If you are already an enrolled patient of Tōtara Health, then we will  have collected your name, address, phone number/s email address if you have one and next of kin at the time of your enrollment. This personal information is stored in our clinical system.

Surcharge Fees

There are no surcharge fees added by Tōtara Health Limited to any payment made by you to Tōtara Health over the phone.