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Family Violence

Domestic violence is a significant a problem in our country. The effects of domestic abuse lead to short and long term physical and emotional trauma. If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, seek help.

There are a number of organisations dedicated to helping those suffering from domestic violence. If you or your family are at risk of family violence, call the Family Violence Information Line on 0800 456 450.


Dove offers programmes in family violence intervention and prevention for men, women and young people. Many of the programmes offered are free. For further information contact Dove.

Phone 06 8435307
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Are you ok?

The following website has helpful information and advise for people suffering from or at risk of family violence.

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Womans Refuge

A women’s organisation for women and their children, here to help prevent and stop family violence in New Zealand.

They would  love to help, whether you have children or not.

Women’s Refuge can:

  • Talk to you if you’re worried about your safety in a relationship and help you make a Safety Plan
  • Provide a safe place to go to if you need help urgently
  • Help you stand up for your needs, whether or not you are thinking about leaving

Call 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843
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