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Physical Health

There are numerous benefits of regular exercise. Weight loss, feeling better, looking healthier, sleeping well, having more energy and motivation to name a few.

Regular exercise is considered to be 30 minutes of physical activity every day. If you have specific weight goals in mind you will need to do more than this.

Motivation can be a key factor in stopping people from exercising regularly. Exercising with other people can be a great way to commit to regular activity as you can spur each other on. It can also be more fun and rewarding when you share your fitness goals with someone else. If you can break the barrier and keep going until you really start to feel a difference, the mental and physical benefits will be way too good to give up.

Most people need help with an exercise plan. It’s a really good idea to get assessed and put an action plan together so that you’re not putting yourself at risk of injury, or giving up too soon because it’s too hard. You also may need to try out a few different forms of exercise to find out what suits you and what you enjoy. Take a walk, join a sports team, grab your neighbours and go for a jog, take a dance class, just get moving!

Eating a balanced, healthy diet also plays a huge part in your physical and mental health. 

Totara Health has a dietitian based at our Nelson Street clinic on Monday and Wednesday mornings and in Flaxmere on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon. Please speak to your GP or Practice Nurse to find out whether a referral to a dietitian is right for you.

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