Flu vaccinations have now arrived 

Please phone 873 0101 to book an appointment

Saturday morning flu vaccination appointments will be available in our Flaxmere surgery from Saturday 14th April to Saturday 5th May.  Please phone in advance to book your appointment.

Flu can be a serious illness

Influenza, commonly called the flu, can be a serious illness that is sometimes fatal. Infection with the flu virus may lead to a stay in hospital for any age group but particularly if you are elderly or have an ongoing medical condition. Flu can make an existing medical condition, such as asthma or diabetes, a lot worse.

Your Flu vaccine might be FREE

Pregnant women and people 65 years and older as well as people with chronic or long terms conditions MAY be eligible for a FREE flu vaccine.  Ask your doctor or nurse to see if you qualify for a FREE flu vaccine.

What if I don’t qualify?

For those patients NOT eligible for a free vaccine the cost is $26. 

*Vaccines have arrived for adults and children aged 36 months and over.  The vaccine for ages 6-35 months is expected to be available mid-April




Flaxmere Community Dental Clinic will be closed until 17th April

The Dental Mobile van will be parked at Flaxmere Primary during this time if you require an appointment for your child.
Please call the direct line to the mobile van 8341832 to book an appointment.