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Totara Health’s latest weapon in the fight against Skin Cancer... SIAscopy. We use SIAscopy imaging technology to aid diagnosis and improve accuracy. Each lesion that needs examination is Painlessly Scanned using a SIAscope. This presents a picture of the skin beneath the surface. Early detection could save a life.

What is SIAoscopy?

  • SIA stands for Spectrophotometric Intra-cutaneous Analysis
  • Developed in Cambridge UK in 2002
  • Frequencies from UV and IR used to selectively reflect skin components.
  • Penetrates 2mm (1000x more than visual)
  • With Clinical acumen diagnostic accuracy approaches 97%

A SIAscope takes images beneath the surface of the skin, using advanced computer analysis to allow diagnosis by the Totara Molescan team trained in the use of SIAscan technology. 

Regular examinations also allow for comparison with previous scans detecting any changes at an early stage. SIAscopy’s accuracy means that only necessary surgery takes place so that you can be confident of the diagnosis provided to you.

SIAscopy detects all 5 elements:

  • Colour view of the lesion
  • Blood supply - Changes in the blood supply are early indications of Melanoma activity
  • Melanin - Assists in determining  how much Melanin is in the lesion
  • Dermal Melanin - The distribution is very important in diagnosing Melanoma
  • Collagen - This view assists in assessing damage to the lower layers of the skin

Early detection of skin cancer is critical as it reduces the risk for spread to other areas of the body. From time to time examine yourself using mirrors to see difficult places or preferably have someone else examine you. Ideally have your GP check your moles or call Totara Molescan on 06 873 0101 for an SIAscan.