Totara Molescan Clinic

Totara  Molescan Clinic

How do you access the Totara Molescan Service?

  • Phone us on 06 873 0101
  • Send us an Email
  • Call into our Totara Health Clinic at 403 Nelson Street North to make an appointment
  • Ask your doctor to refer you to Totara Molescan


$175.00 for an annual check-up including any necessary follow up and review. This service is available to all Hawke’s Bay residents.

Early Detection could save your life

Melanoma and other skin cancers are far more treatable when detected early, so be sure to perform self examination regularly. Protection from over exposure to sun is critical to avoid skin cancer. If you discover changes in your skin pigmentation, non healing scabs or sores, new moles or moles that change appearance, seek medical advice from your own doctor or call Totara Molescan 06 873 0101.